Origen of Petal Ebikes


  • Daniel was born, the son of a Mining Engineer who worked for more than 40 years for the Sagunto steel company and of a professor with a degree in philosophy and literature from the same town, the daughter of Fermin, a metal craftsman and railway machinist.

  Fermin´s  Daniel´s Grand father  manufactured kitchen  and sagunto steel piece.

  • In 1965, Jose Antonio, Daniel's father, became Head of Production of one of the lines of incandescent steel annealing furnace. Jose Antonio observed that the pressure with which they oxygenated the furnace was insufficient and designed an elegant circuit of pipes avoiding angles of 90 degrees to avoid losing pressure, this led to doubling the production of that line.


  • And so until he was 67 years old, Jose Antonio would dedicate his working life to the optimization of that great steel industry until he became the Head of Industrial programming and development in the new cold rolling plant.



  • Daniel spent his childhood among stories of industrial improvements and metallurgy. He lived for 17 years in an English-style house in the garden city "The Management" belonging to the company where his father worked, right next to the factory where the steel was founded and formed. steel. That Jardin city now under reconstruction sported an eclectic English style from the early 20th century imported by steel businessmen from northern Spain. 
  • But his father never was a famouse executive as his main chararteristic was discretion. 


  • Four generations of teachers, craftsmen and engineers preserved these three values:
  • Elegance   
  •  Discretion   
  •  Kindness
  • Generation after generation, Daniel's family has preserved from his four grandparents Orofila, Daniel, Maria and Fermin through his parents Jose Antonio and Rosa Maria, they have known how to preserve these fundamental values ​​that years later would be embodied in a super-functional product.
  • In his early 30s and 40s Daniel worked  as quality and maintance engineer in a factory dedicated to supply Potatos to the biggest supermarket chain of spain , The stress of getting ready the everyday order of almost 1/2 million kilos  with zero stock of finished  product  was really high. So  He figured out with his team that most important  was 3 items :  simplicity ,robustness and stardard  mechanical and electric  components .



  •  The same creativity used for solving problems is the one used for creating art , paintings , Rafa  a  fwell named spanish publicist  believed that his friend Daniel could do well in a cimema contest HEINEKEN GREEN SPACE and he did.
  • After that contest he studied and became a  independent film director as a hobby  and attended several times to the cannes film festival and even had the oportunity to meet and discuss about cinema with Quentin Tarantino  .

Daniel was really impressed of the glamour of Cannes duiring the festival at  Hotels and redcarpets. ELEGANCE  .


  • 2021 Amy Jarczynski, an American entrepreneur from the Georgetown neighborhood Washington DC , sees the project  in a trip to Barcelona .


  • She  gets interest and partners with Daniel to give it a boost according to the rapid improvement methodology for American emerging companies. 

 Georgetown  neighborhood washingtown DC , USA

  • She will advise Daniel in many items plus creates a new own and share strategy  to benefit customers .She also comes up with a brand  a logo. 




  • As a result of this partnership, an interdisciplinary work team will be created , combines classical mechanics, leather goods experts, product engineering and user experience. Amy,Aurelio, Carlos,Celeste, Guillermo, Juan,jose Antonio,  Mario ,Rita and Aida .


  •  Using sewing techniques from   luxury french brands     
    (Mario passed several  artesan exams of Louis Vuitton and Hermes) he decided create his own  fashion  bags brand   FEBO MOMPLET )   


  • Handscrafship Master and also engineer Mario Monplet FEBO DE MOMPLET  was open to colaborate on Daniel´s idea of making  unique first class  bags for woman with a perfect and fast attachment to the ebike .And why not the unisex backpack with PLUG-BAG SYSTEM.


  •  As fruit of this partnership came out a collection of unique pieces , artesan bags for bikes with superfast attatchmnt the PLUG- BAG ; and  as Steve Jobs said at the iphone presentation ........oh boy we have pattented it !


  • So Petal ebikes  is a  heritage of all we can read above and has followed a double line :   The meticulousness of the craftsman's work  and  the lifestyle of its clients. Driven by an unquestionable spirit of freedom and creativity, it displays constant sensitivity and attention to changes in society and its needs.




  • 2023 Petal opens its first corner on La Paz Street with the help of Eva Angel and Raquel, owners of the Puro Vintage store, and continues with its long-term development strategy based on a sustainable artisanal model.


  • A product that faithfully reflects the creative spirit of through the three patents that provide solutions to three key inconveniences in urban transportation.


  • All of them integrated and stitched together by local artisans from the city of Valencia and surrounding areas.




  • Elegance   
  •  Discretion   
  •  Kindness
  •  Simplicity
  •  Robustness
  •  Stardard components for  the luxe of easy fixing
  •  Creativity
  •  Attention to changes in society  needs.  
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